The YMCA is currently looking for board members to serve at both the Port Angeles and Sequim Branch.

Members make a 3 year commitment and there are no term limits. Members attend monthly meetings and contribute up 10 additional hours per month supporting the work of the board.

Serve on The YMCA Board in PA or Sequim

Why You’re Needed: The YMCA plays a key role in improving outcomes for youth and the larger community. They need board members who can build new connections, raise funds, and advocate for a healthier community.

Job Basics: The board provides input and direction as to the operation of the branch. It is also responsible for building a strong base of community support, increasing awareness, and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

A board member should have a solid interest in the advancement of the YMCA in our community. They should possess expertise through their own vocation and have sound management skills.

Serving on the Y Board is an excellent way to network, gain fundraising experience, get the inside scoop on local nonprofits, and build your leadership.

How To Apply: Email Executive Director Len Borchers at [email protected]  to express interest in joining the YMCA Board.



“Serving on the YMCA board allowed me to build new community connections, support local youth, and use my marketing skills to make a difference.”

Christine Loewe

Former Port Angeles Branch Advisory Board Member


• Positive community connections.

• Expertise in your particular vocation.

• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with peers.

• Experience with fund development.

• Sound management skills.



Th YMCA  registers nearly 6500 people yearly in membership and programs. They have 345 active volunteers and 400 donors who support their mission to build healthy minds, bodies and spirits throughout the communities they serve.