City residents will have the opportunity to apply for the newly open seat vacated by Jennifer States.

This position is a 4 year term.   Councilmembers can expect to spend at least 30-40 hours per month on Council related work.

Sequim City Council Special Vacancy 2020


Why You’re Needed: 2 seats will be up for election in 2019.  Play a key role in defining community policy, make a difference for your community, and support equal representation.

Job Basics: The City Council acts as the legislative and policy-making body of the City of Sequim, adopting all ordinances and resolutions, and approving contracts required by the City. The Council reviews and directs action on proposals to meet community needs for public services and programs, and determines the ability of the City to provide financing for City operations.

The Council also reviews, modifies, and approves the annual municipal budget prepared by the City Manager. In addition, the City Council performs miscellaneous duties, including making appointments to various boards and commissions, and acting as liaison with other governmental bodies.

Check out the County Auditor Candidate Info Page

Salary:  The current salaries are as follows:

Mayor: $650 per month
Deputy Mayor: $600 per month
City Councilmember: $550 per month

How To Apply:  Candidates must complete the paperwork, file, and pay the fee between May 13-17th, 2019. You can file and pay online, in person or by mail. When filing becomes available you can complete the filing online here.



One of the top goals as stated in the Sequim City Council 2018-2019 Priorities is to produce new user friendly Sequim Municipal code language that fosters economic development and a high quality of life.


• Comfort with public speaking

• Interest in public policy.

• Demonstrated ability to lead.

• Ability to build rapport with those of opposing viewpoints.

• Registered voter and resident of the City for at least one  year.


The City of Sequim is comprised of a growing population of just under 7,000 residents. 55% of community members are women with a median age of 57. Community members give their time through 7 elected City Council Positions and 9 boards or commissions.