Interested individuals must submit their application by4 PM on May 17.

Members are elected for one year terms.

Clallam County Charter Review Commission


Why You’re Needed: This is your opportunity to review and amend our county charter. We are electing and entrusting folks with the task of determining what potential changes are needed to the structure of our local government. 12 individuals have filed for candidacy and only one woman is among them.

Job Basics:

Clallam County is one of 7 Counties in the State of Washington operating with a Home Rule Charter. Our County Charter was adopted in 1976 and we elect Commissioners every 5 years to review and make amendments to this charter.

The charter essentially serves as our county constitution. It defines county powers, defines which county positions we choose to make elected vs hired positions, outlines administrative departments, and defines the structures for our– budget, personnal, and election procedures.

Meeting Schedule:  This is one year elected position.  You can expect to participate in monthly meeting and potentially participate in sub-committee meetings. Should there be proposed amendments to the charter then you would help organize community meetings in each of our cities.

How To Apply:  File Online or pick one up in their office in the Clallam County Auditors Office, 223 E. Fourth St., Suite 4, Port Angeles.

For more information contact  Shoona Riggs at 417-2222




Clallam County is one of 7 counties in Washington with a charter. The Charter is a county constitution designed to give the control of county affairs to the people of the county rather than requiring legislation from Olympia


• Have the ability to break down the key part of our charter and effectively translate this to our community.

• Are able to efficiently research, review, and analyze information.

• Are effective at building community connections to ensure that the needs and desires of our community are appropriately reflected in our charter.

• There is an 5 openings per county district.

 Clallam County

Clallam County, named after the Klallam word for “the strong people”, has  approximately 75,000 residents with women making up 50.64% of the population and 54% of the workforce. Community members give their time through elected positions and 35 volunteer boards or commissions.