We are currently looking for community members who would like to support 2019 campaigns.

8-10 months. Monthly meetings with a 10-15 hour monthly commitment June- November.

Serve on a Campaign Team in 2019

Why You’re Needed: Helping women campaign and prepare for an election requires hours of strategizing, communication know-how, and a simple willingness to show up in support. Together, many hands make light work.

Job Basics: There are a host of roles to choose from on a campaign team and we can help connect you with the role that best suits your skills and interest.

These include overseeing the logistics, coordinating volunteers, ensuring that campaign messages reach the right audience, fundraising, event organizing, graphic design support and more.

Serving on a campaign team is an excellent way to network, get the inside scoop on local politics, and build your resume.

For 2019 we will look towards finding and supporting women of like-mind for City Council Elections in Port Angeles and Sequim. We will widen our focus as we have individuals to mobilize.

How To Apply: Email us at [email protected] to express interest in joining a local campaign.



“I loved the opportunity to be behind the scenes and put my skills to work to support a worthy candidate. The process not only bolstered her confidence but it helped all team members feel more confident about navigating the local political scene. “

Catherine Copass

Port Angeles City Council Campaign Team Member


• Positive community connections.

• An interest in public policy and strategy.

• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with peers.

• Ability to build rapport with those of opposing viewpoints.

• Fundraising, marketing or design skills a plus.


Comprised of 4 cities or communities and 4 tribal nations, our county has a population of nearly 76,000 people. Our work force includes 32,092 people with women making up 53% of this workforce.