Elevate Clallam arose from living room and porch-side conversations about how we as a community can do better.

We got our start in the run-up to the 2017 Port Angeles City Council Elections.

We are women from a wide range of  professional backgrounds and individuals who are actively engaged in the life of our community.

We chose to come together as a campaign team because we shared a common desire to see forward movement for our city, better communication and engagement of community members, and a council that more closely reflects the demographics of our city.

While knocking on our neighbors’ doors, we encountered many folks who felt they wanted to be more engaged but didn’t know how to connect with the information they needed. We also heard women state they wanted more female representation in local leadership. As busy individuals who strive and sometimes struggle to be in engaged in our community, these concerns resonated.

Post-election win, we continued to gather to discuss how we could best use our communication know-how to support more women to serve as leaders. Elevate Clallam was born from this simple desire.

We share a vision of a community with more progressive women at the helm.  The goal of elevate Clallam is to grow the leadership capability of forward thinking local women and increase our representation in a broad range of leadership positions.

We know that more doors open when we collaborate, reach out for expertise where needed, and ask those around us to take part. We look forward to taking part in this process with women of like-mind.

We are excited to move from our small but mighty team to a growing network that includes you.




To develop a go-to network of 100 + diverse women who possess the leadership
and progressive qualities we desire.


To generate a 20% increase in the number of women in key policy making roles by
identifying and reducing barriers.



To create a platform that fosters equal access to information about new policy-making & leadership opportunities through email, web, social media, and in-person contact.