Two things we know, competing responsibilities can make it tough to carve out the extra time for an elected or volunteer position and women are more likely to step up when asked.

Not only will we reach out to say– you’re the right person for the role, we’ll also be there to support you through the process.


Together we’re building a go-to network of diverse, talented, and progressive women who can provide you with the tools and connections to feel confident about taking the next step.

We’re ready to connect you to the right expertise to navigate the process and even watch your children, walk your dog, or water your plants.


We all want to make a difference, but our lives are busy and no one has time to go digging.  We’re here to provide key, up to date info.

Whether you want to run for an elected office, join a local board, or help behind the scenes to support women in leadership, our goal is to ensure these opportunities are easy to find.

Helping Women Rise Up

Our mission is to elevate Clallam County Women into leadership through networking, recruitment, and support.

  • Clallam County Women in City or County Elected Positions 22% 22%
  • Women in Clallam County 51% 51%
  • % of the Workforce in Clallam County That is Female 54% 54%